Dream Design Real Estate Launches a New Era of Wealth Creation for the UAE’s Middle Market

Dream Design Real Estate Launches a New Era of Wealth Creation for the UAE’s Middle Market

Having gained national recognition in Australia for its powerful wealth creation strategies and mentoring program, Dream Design Real Estate (DDP) first launched in the UAE in 2017 to help individuals gain financial freedom, through building their local property portfolio. As a “one stop shop” for property investment strategy, finance, property sourcing, legals and rental property management, DDP offers each client, regardless of their property knowledge or experience, an ongoing personalised service that caters to their unique and changing needs and circumstances. First founded in Australia in 2012, DDP has since helped its clients to purchase nearly 800 clients to purchase over 1,000 properties.

DDP Founder, Zaki Ameer, says the company is a product of strategic investment methods and a growth mindset. With its 25 strong team, DDP offers clients highly personalised, ongoing service that caters to their changing needs and circumstances. Zaki’s regional expertise lies in the UAE’s middle market, which he explains is “anyone on a salary of AED10,000 a month upwards, who has zero to minimal knowledge on building a property portfolio”.

“It is not about guiding clients to buy just one property, but to continuously invest in purchasing multiple properties that create growth over a 10 year plan, as opposed to a short term strategy,” he said.
Ameer and his team are renowned for carrying out extensive research across the property market on behalf of clients, in order to gain comprehensive insight and ultimately secure the best deals possible. According to the UAE real estate portal Bayut.com’s recent market report, 2018 is the year that preparations for Expo 2020 gain full momentum and when the engines of job growth, infrastructure development and economic prosperity are set to rev up at full speed. In parallel, the UAE’s real estate sector is also expected to see the return of heightened business activity in anticipation of Expo 2020.

Ameer says he was inspired by the Middle East’s unique trade traditions and business culture, and the opportunities they presented for the property market in the region.
“Arabs have masterfully combined their historical roots of trading and getting the deal done quickly with western methods of policy and procedure, to create a new era of opportunity for real estate attractiveness in the UAE. Further to this, as Expo 2020 nears, DDP will support the government’s plans to promote the UAE’s prolific real estate industry. ”

“2007 was a crisis for Dubai and the market was unsure on how to respond to real estate, causing many to leave the country and property prices to drop dramatically. Dubai’s RERA has since been created with the aim of making it a more stable place to invest, but much work is yet to be done before a sense of security is widely felt, and to ensure money stays and is invested in the UAE,” Ameer said.

At its launch in 2012, DDP was comprised of one staff member and earning just AED 75,000 in its first year of operation, six years on DDP enjoys an annual turnover of over AED 38 million with the support of a talented team across the company’s Australian and UAE offices.

In just two years, Ameer amassed himself a successful portfolio of 10 properties totalling AUD$3 million and has since focussed on developing DDP into the only completely diversified strategic property investment company and buyers agency. Using a unique investment strategy, DDP helps clients reach financial freedom through growing a property portfolio.

“Through advanced hands-on experience and in-depth expertise, we keep abreast of every market trend in the real estate sector. The property investment industry can be highly volatile, and results can be devastating if investors are unaware of market conditions and are operating without an effective strategy. It is critical for each property investor to have a knowledgeable and experienced team working with them every step of the way for maximum results”, he said.

According to Property Finder, expats make up over 85% of the UAE total population and that this segment have been able to purchase property in freehold communities for less than 15 years. The UAE property market is still in its infancy compared to other property markets around the world, some of which have hundreds of years of history and regulation. The UAE is virtually a freehold property market, a newborn.

Affordability is a key point to address when regulatory reforms have favoured end-user buyers over opportunistic investors. Ameer explains that the buyer profile today is very different from the historic type. The current client consists of “end users, expats, long-term investors and first-time buyers”. This type of buyer creates stability in the market, builds a large pool of buyers that is less sensitive to external factors and encourages expat spending.

DDP continues to stand by the commitment to make clients financially free using property as a vehicle. Turning the middle market into property millionaires using DDP’s unique strategy localised within the market.

Ameer recently won the “Best Global Real Estate Investment Company” BURJ CEO award from the CEO Clubs Network Worldwide. The award, which CEO Clubs Network official Tariq Nizami dubbed “an Oscar for CEOs,” honoured Ameer for his outstanding achievements and positive contribution to the booming Sydney real estate market, which he has recently expanded into the UAE and Eastern Africa. Ameer also contributes over AED530,000 per year to a variety of Australian and UAE charities including Dubai Cares, in his efforts to give back to the community.

Source: Zawya

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