Here’s how to look your best while travelling for business and pleasure

For some of us, living abroad and frequent travelling offers a constant sense of adventure and a wonder of the unknown. For others, being constantly on the move isn’t only a choice, but a necessity. Whether travelling for work or leisure, regularly visiting airport lounges and the eventual routine wait at baggage carousels can become exhausting.

Zaki Ameer, real estate insider and Founder of Dream Design Real Estate (DDP), currently splits his time between Dubai and Sydney. As a result, he is well seasoned with living out of a suitcase and offers his best tips for doing so stylishly:

Acknowledge the local customs and culture

Style is more than just an outfit. It’s important not to appear ignorant of your destination. By doing some quick research on what to expect in terms of local customs and culture, you can easily learn a greeting or know how to say “Thank you” and “Please”. There is nothing stylish about appearing rude or uninterested simply because you know little of the destination. Even if you get it wrong, everyone will have a laugh, and humour is another important part of one’s style.

Luggage matters

If you’re living out of suitcase, you better make sure it’s stylish and functional. I recommend buying the best suitcase you can afford. Investing in a quality suitcase is a real investment if you travel a lot. That said, it also needs to be functional. You could have the flashiest suitcase, but if it can’t carry your suits and shirts without crushing them, it’s no good. No-iron fabrics are becoming increasingly popular, and they’ll help you hit the ground with no creases. But to keep your suits fresh, try placing some scrunched-up tissues between the folds. If done right, you’ll notice the difference.

Classics are your best friends

While constantly on the move, you can never have too many staple pieces. By filling your suitcase with classics, and packing only a few statement pieces, you save yourself from having to find a different outfit for each day. Packing staples such as a classic pair of jeans and/or chinos, sophisticated shirts and of course at least two suits, allows you to mix-and-match your outfits and be ready for any occasion. Think realistically about how many different outfits you will need, depending on work or social occasions, but I also find it’s best to pack everything you think you need and remove one or two items at the last minute.

Deodorants, perfumes and colognes

If you’re heading overseas, chances are you’ll be landing in a new climate. As much as we hate it, a new climate takes some getting used to and in the meantime you’ll need to smell your best. Be sure to pack an antiperspirant and a selection of colognes or perfumes for the range of settings you experience. Skincare products will also be essential in dry climates and long-haul flights.

Make space for outfits to wear at the gym and during downtime

With the stress of travelling, consequential lack of sleeping and potentially unhealthy eating patterns, making good use of the hotel’s fitness facilities is one way to relieve stress, leaving you looking refreshed. Once again, it’s important to make the right fabric choices. Make sure your sportswear is wrinkle-resistant, waterproof, of high quality, and quick-drying. Also make sure your other wear is durable and easy to clean, ensuring that living out of a suitcase is much easier.

The writer is an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire.

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