For many years, Dubai government  has been working with an extremely high speed to satisfy every person’s needs and requirements and preparing whatever it takes to sublime to this city’s visitors and residence expectations regardless of their nationality, origin, belief or mindset.

The results of these long years of hard work, planning, and controlled execution we can see on every sector being, investment, Tourism, Hospitality and many more..


•Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world.

•Strategically located at the crossroads of three continents: Europe – Asia and Africa with easy 3 hours flight access.

•Highest international standards for business, tourism and lifestyle.

•No income taxes.

•State of the art infrastructure and world-class business environment which are growing every day.

•No foreign exchange controls, trade barriers or quotas. And no restrictions on capital repatriation.

•The land of more than 195 nationalities and cultures, being a multilingual and multicultural city.

•The fastest growing city in the region and one of the highest growth rates in the world for the last decade.

•Global Property Guide states that the gross rental yields in Dubai are among the highest in the world, with smaller apartments offering rental income of 7.21 per cent.

•Property prices are inexpensive in contrast to other similar trading hubs around the world.

•Dubai Expo 2020 which expects to attract 25 million unique visitors and up to 33 million visits over the six-month period

•Dubai’s answer to the lake of leisure destinations in the area was through a multi-million dollar “Dubai Parks & Resorts”. The first of its kind theme park in the Middle East.

•Dubai International Financial Center, Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park, Knowledge Village, Dubai Healthcare City and many other strategically created destinations.

•The largest Man-Made port in the world, the busiest Airport in the world and the most attractive tourist as well as shopping destinations in the middle east have all contributed to the workstyle and lifestyle of this city



• Dubai as the most ‘affordable’ city to purchase a home in compared with to other major international hubs such as London, New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney.


•In May 2016, Knight Frank – UK said in a statement to Emirates 24/7 that $1 million (Dh3.67 million) could buy 155 square metres of prime property in Dubai compared to only 17 square metres in Monaco, 21 square metres in London, 20 square metres in Hong Kong and 39 square metres in Singapore.

•Global Property Guide states that the gross rental yields in Dubai are among the highest in the world, with smaller apartments offering rental income starting from 7.21 per cent.

•In comparison, gross rental yields in Hong Kong stand at 2.82 per cent, India 2.22 per cent and Singapore 2.83 per cent, while London is between 2.72 per cent and 3.20 per cent.

•Dubai Land Department has set solid measures and tactics to control the real estate market and give the investor rights that does not exist in most of the cities in the world.



•Emirates 24/7 Feb 2017: Dubai is aiming to welcome at least 20 million visitors to the city by 2020.

•Dubai welcomes record 14.9m overnight visitors in 2016. Raising from 9.3 m in 2011. As per Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism), recording a healthy five per cent (5%) increase over 2015, and an impressive 4-year CAGR (combined annual growth rate) of eight per cent (8%) (2012-2016) since the launch of 2020 tourism strategy.

•This performance route which reflects twice the global travel industry growth of circa (4%) over the same period as forecasted by the United Nations World Travel Organization (UNWTO), cements the foundation for Dubai Tourism to maintain stable momentum over the next three years and attain its 2020 goals.

•UAE’s tourism and leisure sector, a key pillar to the nation’s post-oil economy, is projected to reach Dh237 billion by year 2026.

•Several Global award winning airlines operates from Dubai to perfectly serve the tourism sector and sublime to the high standards created for this city.

•UAE issued recently a resolution to enable all of the Chinese nationals, Russian nationals, Indians with Green cards and others to enter UAE with a visa on arrival.





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