Dream Design Property is a unique Property Investment,
Wealth-creation and Mentoring organization, which first took Australia by storm – and now offers its remarkable services in the UAE.

The company was created by self-made millionaire, real estate expert and wealth development coach Zaki Ameer.

Zaki’s story is a genuine rags-to-riches testimony of how a life can be turned around. Having worked his way through university and setting himself on a path to overcome every limitation to his dreams, Zaki birthed an organization to help others do the same.

Zaki used his remarkable insight and understanding of human potential to develop not just a real estate investment giant – but a mentoring and wealth-creation programme which empowers others to reach their own dreams, using Zaki’s real estate know-how and experience.

Working between Sydney and Dubai, Zaki established Dream Design Properties Dubai – the first Real Estate office in the Middle East to open easier access to property investment – in the UAE, Australia, and beyond.

We take the stress out of real estate investment by offering solutions which save time and money. Our in-house experts are geared to take care of all your needs – from finding the right property, to property management.


Our vision is to transform the real estate sector through expertise and focused action, mentoring and developing ordinary people to create wealth – while stimulating the industry towards growth.


To help people from every walk of life to reach their dreams and live life on their own terms though mentoring them, encouraging personal development and by empowering them to create wealth through our property investment experience and expertise.